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The Lifespan of a Roof in Arizona

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The Lifespan of a Roof in Arizona and How to Extend It

The material type of your roof determines the lifespan just as much as the environment of the roof. Most roofs in Southwestern Arizona have a 20-50-year lifespan, depending on the roofing material and how well it is maintained. Here is a breakdown of the average lifespan of a roof based on its material.

Clay or Tile Roof: 40-50+ years

Concrete Roof: 40-50 years

Shingle Roof: 20-50 years (depending on the quality of the shingles)

Foam Flat Roof: 25-35 years

Shake Roof: Up to 30 years


Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof


Have Your Roof Checked Annually

Check your roof once a year for cracked or missing shingles or roof tiles, which let light and moisture into the roofing materials. Hire a trained and licensed roofer to do a more thorough inspection if there are any signs of damage. If there is severe damage or rot, a new roof installation from Lines and Lundgreen Roofing might be a better long-term solution than just a temporary repair that could continue to get worse.

Prepare Your Roof for the Arizona Monsoon Season

The Arizona monsoon season between June and September can be a damaging event for your roof. Falling and swaying tree limbs and branches usually cause the most damage to your roof during the monsoon season. Protect your roof during the season by inspecting for cracks, splits, or signs of decay that might cause tree debris during a storm. Make sure to trim or remove any trees that could come into contact with your roof during a storm. If you have roof damage caused by a recent storm, hire a licensed roofing company and watch out for after-storm roofing scams

Professional Roof Maintenance

Hiring a licensed roofing company is best when your roof has repairable damage and needs repair past the normal DIY scope. Lines and Lundgreen Roofing provides roof inspections and maintenance that will keep your roof at its' best while extending its lifespan.

Lines and Lundgreen have been maintaining and extending the lifespan of roofs for over 70 years in Yuma, Arizona. We have the experience, materials, and roofing knowledge to make your roof safe and durable for years.

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