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About Lines and Lundgreen

Butler Construction ​Comes to Yuma​

Lines and Lundgreen started as Butler Construction by John (Johnny) Butler in the late 1930s.

In 1945 Wilton Lines was honorably discharged from the US Navy, where he served as a Petty Officer 2nd class (PO2P). He went to Phoenix to find work. Later that year, Johnny (Wilton’s brother-in-law) called one night, expressed the need for a good worker, and even offered him $1.25 an hour, then asked when Wilton could start. He took the Greyhound and started working with Johnny the next morning.

The Beginning of Lines Roofing

In 1945 there wasn’t a single roofing company in Yuma. The only roofing companies or roofers you could get here had to come from Phoenix or San Diego, and they never came when there was just one house to do. People had to wait until a few houses were under construction for the roofers to come to town. The wait to put a roof on a new house could be delayed for months. This upset Johnny. His work could not be completed either because he was waiting for the roofers, so one day he left town, bought a tar kettle, and returned. And so, Yuma had its first roofers! They also needed some good insulators and decided they could handle them.

So Butler Roofing and Insulation was born. Wilton remained Johnny’s foreman for the next 25 years, and when Johnny decided he would retire, Wilton bought the company’s stock and all its equipment and changed the name to Lines Roofing and Insulation.

Lines Roofing and Insulation remained under Wilton’s guidance and direction until 1981, when his son John Lines and his son-in-law Steve Lundgreen took out several loans and purchased the company from him. The name was changed then to Lines and Lundgreen Roofing and Insulation.

Lines and Lundgreen, ​​a Yuma Family Tradition

Lines and Lundgreen Roofing and Insulation continues to service residential and commercial roofing and insulation and has added a few other necessities as time has passed. Those include acoustical ceilings, built vacuum systems for residential and commercial applications, and, most recently, installing skylights in new and old construction. We are still one of the most prominent businesses in Yuma in our trades and professions.

Today, that tradition lives on with Jonathan & Rosalie Lines as Owners and Jonathan's brother Michael as General Manager. Of course, John Lines and Steve Lundgreen continue to help anytime they are needed. We are honored to be a part of the backbone of Yuma's local economy and look forward to many more years of serving our community.


Lines Roofing Early Years

Lines Family in the 1960s

Lines Family from Lines and Lundgreen Roofing

"For over 78 years, you’ve allowed us to protect you and your home in the southwest desert."