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For over 60 years, Lines and Lundgreen have been Yuma, AZ's premier roofing and insulation company. The Lines and Lundgreen Roofing Team provides stellar customer service and affordable roofing repair and installation for Yuma, AZ, and our surrounding area. We offer roof installation, design, and repair for all roofing materials and buildings. At Lines and Lundgreen, we pride ourselves on providing honest roofing quotes, long-lasting work, and unmatched customer service.

We also offer energy-saving home and commercial insulation to Yuma, AZ, to keep your home or business cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We have technicians dedicated to helping you choose the best insulation solution for your property and an experienced team to ensure your roofing or insulation project gets installed the first time correctly.

As one of Yuma, Arizona's longest-running roofing companies, we offer affordable and sustainable roofing solutions for all roof and building types. We also provide the latest eco-friendly and cost-effective insulation installation to ensure your home or business keeps temperature effectively. Give us a call for all of your roofing and insulation needs for a free quote.

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Here's why our customers love us:

Prompt, great work, licensed and insured. Professional crew.

They gave me an estimate, that was well below all others. More importantly, it was done faster, cheaper and much faster than any others that gave an estimate.

A good company that strives to take care of its customers.

They did a good job on the roof at a reasonable price.

They were fast and had a really competitive price. They are really fast: their repairs and inspections were quick.

The office staff at Lines and Lundgreen were so patient, and the estimator that came out could not have been more helpful.
--J Kamman, Yuma

When it came to taking care of all the details, all the changes and all the last minute modifications for the simulator building, Lines and Lundgreen rose to the challenge. They were with us every step of the way, actually alleviating OUR stress.

In the over 25 of years of doing business with them, they have never failed me, and often times, exceeded what I thought possible.
--D. Booth, Yuma